Over the last two years I’ve been increasingly noticing a pattern of migration of early stage and established biotech companies into San Francisco (the city, not the suburbs) and also into urban biotech incubators like QB3 in Mission Bay and it got me thinking… is there a larger trend happening?

I was talking with a few of my friends in the biotech industry a few weeks ago who live and work in San Francisco (the city) and they were debating getting rid of their cars as they hardly ever used them and they were loving city life, it made me think, this sounds like the begining of a shift of the biotech epicenter in the SF bay was begining, similar to the shift we’ve started to see with other tech startups (as recently highlighted by techcrunch) with entrepreneurs and execs moving their companies HQ to San Francisco. It appears the draw of urban amenities and a transport rich/car free environment is helping to fuel the rise of urban biotech!

Fibrogen, Medivation, several pharma’s and QB3 Mission bay have been leading this charge having all established HQ in the city recently. Additionally, there’s been adoubling of biotech incubators in the SF bay in the last two years with much of that increase happening in San Francisco and interestingly enough also an increase in biotech activity in NYC too! It appears we’re at the begining of the rise of Urban Biotech and this Biotech guy (who recently moved to Oakland from Mountain View) is excited about the energy and vibrancy that will bring to our industry!