Recently I’ve been debating the idea of laser corrective eye surgery, I like the idea of using technology to modify our bodies and return them to a more functional state but as you may or may not know some forms of Laser eye surgery can be quite invasive.

In classical laser eye surgery, a flap is cut around your eye lens, which is then flipped open and the laser flashes and burns tissue on the cornea to correct imperfections within your eye. This does look very invasive, for those that are a little squeamish you might want to avoid pressing play but it is fascinating how effective the laser is at correcting imperfections. 


What’s even more fascinating is that newer forms of laser eye surgery (using customised wavescans of the inside of your eye) may be able to improve your sight more so than conventional glasses or contacts by correcting Higher-order aberrations that can improve night vision, quality of vision and might just be able to improve your vision beyond 20/20. The idea of creating “super vision” with laser eye surgery isn’t new but now it’s a very real prospect with improved all laser eye surgery, the theoretical limit of foveal acuity would be 20/12 for a small pupil and up to 20/5 for a dilated pupil. Super vision anyone?