Over the last year there has been an exciting new trend emerging in crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Microryza, there’s been an new entrant to the crowdfunding field, DIY Bio (Do It Yourself Biology), welcome to the era of crowd funded citizen scientists!

There have been several notable success in the DIY Bio field recently, most based in the San Francisco bay area, the original birth place of the biotechnology revolution, which I’ve been following closely:

– Talking20 – Do it yourself at home blood tests, the team at talking20 managed to raise $53K and had 193 backers
– uBiome – the world’s first citizen science project to sequence the human microbiome, managed to raise $350K from 2536 backers
– Glowing Plants – so far with 15 days to go, this project/company has raised $378K from nearly 7000 backers, beating all previous DIY BIo project fund raising levels

The trend so far has been more and more engagement from the general public in funding the innovation we want to see in the world and this bodes very well for future emerging DIY Bio companies, particularly based on the massive decreases in Venture Capital funding we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years in Biotech.

Stay tuned as the next couple of years is going to see a renaissance in citizen science funded by the crowds!