Yesterday was the first meeting of the Sudo room hacker group in our new space in downtown Oakland, about a block away from the 19th street BART. Sudo room is a new type of hacker space with a focus of revolutionizing and melding multiple industries, which many of us hope will lead to the creation of novel business that might have city wide, region wide and hopefully global potential.

Within Sudo room there are a mix of Hackers, crafts people (metal, wood, plastic, digital), Artists, Scientists, Biohackers, Citizen scientists, Roboticists, Mathematicians, Physicists, Business people and every possible political persuasion you may or may not have imagined… and it’s great! What’s fascinating having been part of the process of the cultural evolution of Sudo room was that it was partially guided by the nudges of several members to keep it open and inclusive, so while it shares much of the DNA of other hackerspaces, like Hacker Dojo, Noisebridge, Biocurious, Techshop and more conventional co-working spaces, it’s very Urban, diverse and well.. kind of weird but that’s what makes it a fascinating experiment, Sudo room will continue to evolve as a hub of hub’s to link in some of the other local hackerspaces but also some of the powerful SF, Oakland and Silicon Valley movements which have been looking for meeting spaces to help catalyze them.

This is still the beginning of the beginning for Sudo room and all are welcome to join to help build a movement to help power human innovation into the 21st Century. Our hope is to help answer one of the looming questions of our time, what are the innovations that will power our next economic revolution and how can we help create them?

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the tour of Sudo Room below and let us know if you’d like to join us in our journey!